Posted by Jake 10/10/16:

I am testing out a new page here. I created a few Strava routes to share with other members and give them new ideas for training sessions / locations.┬áThis is a good way to change up your cycling workouts and train in new areas around the coulee region. If you have created your own routes, please let me know/ link them to me so I can add to this site. To create a route, log into Strava then under dashboard>my routes. Note that creating routes is easier on a PC than a smartphone. Over time we will get a good list of popular routes going. Credit goes to veloviewer for the embedded iframe – interactive maps (it actually pulls the route from Strava)

*You do not need to be logged into strava to view the top link but will need to for 2nd (cue sheet) one.

The Hive to Bliss rd, to FO

Got Energy sprint tri course

Hixon to Vista down bliss to Oak 7.9 miles

Hixon up Vista to bliss road 7.6 miles

The Hive to Ona Gundersen (run or hybrid bike) 6.2 miles

Vista trail – Hixon Forest 2.4 miles one way

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