Event Management Companies in Dubai

Event Management Companies in Dubai

Work with Dubai’s most followed and respected event management company with a brilliant

work portfolio. delivering high profile events for the leading brands of the world as well as handling

UAE’s largest public and government events. From design to execution, high

quality and award winning work is a speciality.


Media buying agencies Dubai

Get best value and heavy discounts when you partner with the smartest and the best connected media buying agency in Dubai that

offers wide and strategic coverage over key markets and demographics, serving

the leading brands of the world.


Media agencies in Dubai

Partner with the most valued media agency in Dubai. Media discounts and smart planning is of strategic value to business success in

this age of customer focused marketing plans. Highest discounts and best value

is assured.

Event Management Companies

the role of Brand activation for consumer engagement and awareness Have you ever tried to understand the reason behind buying a

specific brand’s product? how did it become so reliable and loved? When

a new product is produced it is virtually unknown to the general public, but

consumer engagement marketing activities and channels, like doing a memorable

ad campaign, experiential launch events, creative branding…

Look Carbon Triathlon Bike for Sale

Look 496 Carbon Triathlon Bike for sale.

Dura Ace components 10 speed

HED aero Bars

Bontrager Classic Rear Wheel

Bontrager Race Lite Front Wheel

Look Ergo Stem, frozen where it’s at, not advised to try and adjust it, as is. Handlebars can be rotated, but length and height of stem is not adjustable.

Dura Ace 170mm Cranks, 53-39

Frame size 54.5 center to top. Top Tube 54.

Pedals not included


Power Tap G3 Carbon Wheel Set For Sale

My name is Kent McDaniel, I don’t do Tri’s but am married to Maggie Fournier and she suggested to try selling these wheels here locally before trying EBAY.
For sale, 50mm deep ENVE carbon clincher rims laced to a G3 Power Tap 11 speed Shimano hub and a Cyclops front hub.
Wheels are true and are great condition.  I changed to a stages so these are just sitting in the basement.
No Cassette or tires.  The 2032 battery removal tool will be included.  Includes skewers and rim strips.
You don’t need to take it, but if you don’t have a head unit, I have a Joule GPS head unit that has the mounting tab broken so I JB welded it to the mount, so you need a screwdriver to remove the mount and Joule from the bike.

Asking $800


2016 Paid Members

Bodnar, Rosemary
Bouska, Mike & Rachel
Broer, Ed
Brunelle, Stephan
Cooper, Scott
Fournier, Maggie
Gillies, John
Graham, Daniel
Hegge, Bruce
Komissarov, Sloan
Kuhse, Jake
Leeser, Russ
Makepeace, Jamey
Maxwell, Brenda Dave Rachel & Becca
Mulroy, Mike
Pernsteirner, Travis & Laura
Roberge, Jenni
Schwann, LeeAnne
Treadway, Brian
Van Den Huevel, Julie
Warner, Kimberly
Wilhelm, Dan

2015 Paid Members

Adam Binsfeld
Ann Brice
Barb Sims
Bill Haviland
Brenda, Dave, Rachel, Becca Maxwell
Brian Treadway
Bruce Hegge
Cami Haley
Cristen Houlihan
Dan Wilhelm
Daniel Graham
Dawn Jacobson
Derek Nordeen
Donna Hoffman
Ed Broer
Eldon Heinz
Elizabeth Seramur
Francis Schmitz
Gretchen Benjamin
Jake Kuhse
James Murray
Jamey Makepeace
Jane Stull
Jenni Roberge
Jennie Hartzheim
John Gillies
John Manier
John Zimmerman
Judy, Bethany, Larry Schmidt
Karen, Randy Gibson
Kevin Dubois
Kevin Schleicher
Kimberly Warner
Laura Pernsteiner
Leah Misch
LeeAnne Schwan
Lynne Goustad
Maggie Fournier
Matt Wisbaum
Megan McGrath
Michael Linse
Mike Bouska
Mike Dunlap
Mike Mulroy
Nancy Gansen
Rachel Bouska
Robert Schroeder
Ron Rasque
Rosemary Bodnar
Russ Leeser
Ryan Nordstrom
Sara Parr
Scott Cooper
Sridhar Hari
Stephan Brunelle
Steve Pitts
Sue Bramwell
Taylor Haley
Tom Harron
Tom Hirsbrunner
Tony Maas
Tracey Coleman
Vicky Klink

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