Why is Project Management needed? Know the Benefits of Project Management for Business

Project Management is one of the powerful business tool which helps the business to go on a right path. A well-deserved project management delivers many advantages to business of all sizes. For every business, it increases the chance of success, growth and also helps you to deliver the projects with efficiency, consistency and on time within the budget.

While talking about Project Management for Business, it has a huge number of benefits. The top and foremost benefits of project management for any business are given here for your reference.

Achieving the desired result: It helps you to achieve the desired results in each and every projects in a timely manner.

Increase in Efficiency: Project management provides a roadmap which helps you to work smarter without any potholes in the completion of projects.

Improve Customer Satisfaction: If the projects are completed on time and delivered to the clients within the budget, no other things needs to make the clients happy. An ideal project management helps to improve the customer satisfaction and to continue the relationship for forthcoming projects.

Helps to expand the services: The quality project completion and delivered on-time will help you to gain more projects and clients. This also leads the opportunity to expand your services with more opportunity to succeed.

Improve productivity and quality of work: It helps in improving the productivity as the projects are completed and delivered with respective timing and budget. The roadmap of the project management provides exactly about the works schedule with proper timing which helps you to improve the quality of work.

Minimize project failing risks: With a proper management, all the projects can be delivered with high quality within the budget and within the required time. This helps in customer’s satisfaction and minimizes the risks of the project failing with a well-managed process.

Stand ahead with Competition: An ideal and effective project management will be not only visible within your workplace and also will be shown to the outside world. This helps you to gain more business and happier clients which enhance your position in the marketplace ahead of your competitors.

Helps in increasing the number of projects: With better efficiency, flexibility, and quality of work by a better project management, it also helps you to increase in numbers of projects with new and repeated customers.

Improve Team Development: While delivering successful projects, there will be the positive response and appreciations from clients. This helps and encourages the team to discover new ways to grow and develop their skills to implement in projects.

Helps to reduce delivery costs: A perfect project management allows an organization to provide projects, products and services at minimal cost by following structural and formalized project methodology. This helps to gain the number of customers towards your business and also reduces overall costs.

By successful implementing and following of different strategies helps an organization to have a narrow focus on their projects and complete them successfully in a timely manner. You can achieve great success in all of your projects, which seems to be the main benefits of an ideal project management. You can also get high-quality project management services from top firms to take your business to next level. Green International, the leading project management services providers can help you to achieve everything in your business. Get the assured quality services along with project management training courses for all your business needs with Green International.


Danelle Hunter-The professional real estate entrepreneur

Are you looking for a real estate consultant to find out a solution for your property needs? Danelle Hunter is a professional real estate consultant agent who can help you to make the smooth process of property deals which completely suit your needs. Her deep knowledge and experience in the field of real estate assist you to make the best of the investment and protect your interest by earning good returns. Don’t let your dream down by making decisions without the knowledge in the property sector. Get the professional advice and services to make your dream come true in your property needs with Danelle Hunter, the qualified real estate consultant for all of your property needs.

THE CHRONICLES OF DIGITAL MARKETING…… (All you need to know about Digital marketing)

There are so many things we thought we couldn’t live without yet this is us, having so many new ones some will rather die than part with.

TVs, CDs, Telephones, Walkman, Stereos etc. Like memories they have faded .

You might wonder, what else will be replaced tomorrow? Better to start with what is being replaced now and how long it is likely to stay.

It is the digital evolution in roughly everything we use everyday. From shopping online, endorsing a product after impressions from their commercials on tv, booking for services online against the conventional going directly to the service providers office, relaying messages across through sms portal, radios or tvs as opposed to letters and personal messaging. Digital reawakening sensation happening to everything we know and what makes it merrier is that the process is gradual and allows room for catching up, people that didn’t match with the speed can still observe the influence and join the wagon.

Against the outdated billboard adverts and cold-calling, digital marketing have picked reputation and appreciation over the years and though it can be traced to  GuglielmoMarcroni in 1896 when he invented the radio, did the first live broadcast in history on an opera performance which incredibly increased the number of tickets, it did not gain the credence and appreciation it has now. Marketing has evolved over the years and more digital resources has being added to the business aid and whatever changes we may record in the future, we cant go back to crude, it is certain to be more online awareness and digital and that is why the platform can only upgrade and not go backwards, that is why your business needs it.


Albeit wide definitions of digital marketing as the process of marketing products through the use of blogs, social media, google and everything with internet orientation, Digital marketing is the general use of electronic devices such as Tvs, radios and yes smartphones and blogs to market products and it has being around for as long as the invention of commercials on radio and tvs but the presence of social networks and internet mediums only made it even better.

With average urban people spending 5 to 10 hours a day on electronic devices, we have very little time till we are completely submerged in the digital coup.

While online marketing is the reason Satoshi Nakamoto, the faceless founder of bitcoin was rated at 19.4 Billion USD in December when the cryto coin rose in value and is expected to be the first trillionire in history if he ever surfaces as a single CEO and making lazy under 18s millionaires while they party everyday and get busy with nothing, offline marketing still have a very big and grand position in the digital marketing chain.


Online marketing which is the most perceived and popular form of digital marketing. This is the strict use of the internet to market products, services and the entire aids to all business with internet awareness and there are 7 main forms of this marketing..

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Pay per click
  5. Email marketing
  6. Search engine marketing
  7. Search engine optimization.

Offline marketing….. Most people don’t consider these as part of the digital marketing tools that has rocked the business arena. It is actually the oldest form of digital marketing and have being in use for decades. Here are the 3 main forms….

  1. Television marketing
  2. Radio marketing
  3. Phone marketing(Text and calls)

While there is no argument on the knowledge that the internet has made incredible success in business today, history will have to be tampered in order to successfully leave the basic foundations of digital marketing behind, the offline marketing.

Think offline marketing is old school? Think Heineken, coca cola, Adidas and more are old school also because while they sponsor English premier and champion leagues, they enjoy exclusive in-between match commercials.


Project Management Courses Can Help You To Grow In Your Organisation

Are you working professional with a degree in management? Do you have responsibilities that are similar to that of a manager? Do you perform a lot of functions that your superior in the company does but are you still not finding that elusive promotion? Many industries and companies do not promote their employees without a formal training or a certificate. The role of a Project manager is one such important role, in which the future of the company or at least that of the section lies. Many people can be involved in the management of a project at various levels but the roles and responsibility of a project manager is to take care of the overall project. This alone can be quite intimidating to many individuals. The future of the company lies in a handful of key projects and in essence the long term operability of the company is decided by the quality of project managers the company hires. This makes them as in irreplaceable cog in the huge wheel that is the company.


If you want yourselves to be a project manager then you must be able to face the various challenges that ae being posed for a project manager. One should be able to properly manage the finances of the project while not compromising on the human resources as it is the human resources that end up making the project possible. At the same time one must fail to make sure that the schedule is stuck too without wasting a lot of money. It is a fine balancing act which is not easy to learn. Project management certificate courses can help you to get first-hand experience at the work.


The project management courses are available in countries and if you want to pursue project management course in India, Qatar or even Kuwait, then the best place for you to do that is the Green International. It is a globally renowned organisation that has a very long history in preparing people for making it through the certificate exams. All the project management concepts and procedures are broken down into various modules which are easy to learn and be reminded. Joining such a course will help you to stay abreast with the latest advancements in the field of project management. The best project management courses are the ones that makes you to do the task rather than teaching you how to do it. The courses conducted by the Green International will not only help you to learn it but also help you to ace the exam and come out in flying colours. The internationally recognised project management courses will not only make you competent person in the industry but also as the most sought after individual. Book today to get a free demo and an interaction about the various options that are available after the successful completion of the course. Being a certified project management professional is not just about the increase in the salary but also about the happiness of being able to do something useful.



Introducing MMUP-UPDA Engineer Registration Exam preparation Training Program



14 Feb 2018, 7.00pm-10.00pm for 30 Hours


13 Feb 2018 , 7.00pm-10.00pm for 30 Hours


14 Feb 2018 2018 7.00pm-10.00pm for 30 Hours

We have experienced trainers with thorough knowledge of the procedures of obtaining license and will guide you for success.

We provide following services as part of training program

  1. Equip you with complete knowledge of the requirements for obtaining License.
  2. Refreshing you with engineering principles of mechanical systems and simulation exercises which will be very similar to the examination questions.
  3. Hand outs and exercises for preparation.
  4. Guidance on the submission process.
  5. Guidance and support by our trainers to clear the examination successfully.

This training will prove a golden opportunity to work towards obtaining your license from MMUP, Qatar, which will have high impact in your career.

Please contact our consultant:

Vignesh Manoharan



Consultant Engineer

Are you running a new business? Have you decided your marketing strategy?

Are you a first generation business person? Do you want to scale your business to new heights? If you do not have a long experience and exposure in the field, it might be hard for you to get the number of customers and clients that you might be looking to have. The simple reason for this is the fact that your competitors will have years of experience in the industry and with it a lot of exposure comes. However, the good news for you is that today’s business is one that is not entirely run on the brick and mortar world but in the digital world. Here, everyone has equal advantage and this is one thing that can work to your advantage. If you want to make your business grow, then you should have a presence in the digital world. You should be active on the social media and promote your company in the media.

Looking for Aged Facebook/Twitter Accounts for your Business?

You stumbled to the right place!

We provide 100% real and targeted Aged Facebook Accounts for your Business, and you can use our accounts

for posting in Facebook groups , making friends and for ads




Engineering Design Coordination and Management in Qatar

Design development management is one of the key services required to achieve the intended final product or service with consideration of principle of life cycle costing. Integrative approach is required during the design development stage to meet all the stakeholders, client, end user and operator requirements. The systematic professional approach of performing this service are listed below in steps.

  • Establish design team communication and information structure
  • Establish design program, deliverables and agree with consultants
  • Management of Design Development
  • Review of Concept Drawings
  • Review and integration of building codes, regulations and local planning requirements.
  • Review the integration of Operator design requirements
  • Review and monitor the design program
  • Agree and authorize design consultants fee payments
  • Monthly report of design status and review with client
  • Present scheme design and cost plan for client
  • Refine Master plan
  • Review and management the detailed design development
  • Manage the operator/client approval of final design and technical requirements
  • Review and advise on Construction Value Engineering
  • Arrange design and material presentation to client/operator for approval
  • Develop construction procurement strategy and procedures
  • Monthly report on detailed design development and review to client
  • Present detail design and cost plan to client
  • Monitor and update the expenditure forecast.


For more Visit us on http://www.greenmtc-intl.com/engineering_design_coordination_management.html


Management Training programs

Our mission is to provide internationally recognized management training courses to suit the needs of all professionals in various domains to achieve their career goals through the professional credential certifications and Knowledge Transfer Workshops (PMP®, CCE™ /CCC™, LEED® Green Associate,

LEED® AP, PMI-SP®, PMI-RMP®, PSP™, CMA®, Contract Management, Planning Tools ® Techniques ) which are clearly intended to enhance and sharpen their skills and work towards acquiring new skills for better performance at sustained levels.

Things to know about Travel Insurance An Effortless way to Safeguard your Trip

Despite rapid advancements in travel logistics all around the world, traveling is not always as easy as it may be fun. A lot of formalities come into play especially when it comes to shuffling across international borders. A train ride in metropolitan areas would require you to physically acquire tokens while passage from the airport to another is only possible if you possess all the valid documentation. Besides this a lot of concerns arise pertaining to safety. Any unpredictable occurrence could drain you out of effective ideas. Whether you lose your valuables while traveling or you simply decide to back out of a plan, a backup option is a must. On a vacation through unknown lands, the simplest of offsets cannot always be controlled. Simply put, you cannot always expect a helping hand.

Travel has been made easy and to compliment this Omega Insurance Brokers, based out of Dubai have an array of insurance strategies one can benefit from. So that one may relieve themselves off the stress that comes with continuous travel, whether on quick trips to nearby vicinity or international endeavours, Omega has the perfect plan that could exclude all the unwanted baggage. Travel insurance is very prevalent, a contrivance for travellers who expect precision just as much as they inspire accomplishment wherever they go.

A small slip up could cost a lot of time, money and effort. The Omega travel insurance plan assures that you don’t waste any time thinking about the lost and hence leech into your valuable holiday or business trip. After all, time is money. When it comes to last minute decisions or cancellations, specific travel plans ensure that you do not lose your hard earned money. Unfortunate circumstances as stressful as losing your passport could cause a lot of trouble. The long queues and valuable time spent hopping from one office block to another just to retrieve your national identity is a hassle that leeches into your travel plans. How do you prevent such incidences? The usual process would involve countless phone calls, relentless paperwork and a thousand reasons to explain your state of actuality.

However, it can be cut short to simple straightforward procedures if a valuable client of Omega Insurances. There’s always a procedure that skims past unnecessary hurdles and cuts right down to the point, your safety. This is one assurance that Omega can pledge to their insurance policy holders. With intensive experience since the dawn of this century, 2003 to be exact, Omega caters to the immeasurable needs of over 15000 clients today. This figure is a reflection of their efforts in the market to improve reliability and persistent quality. The best part of it is that you can avail their services in easy steps and within no time.

At any time when the general outlooks of your travel plans do not pan out the way you want; opting for industry leaders in Insurance policy is an effective load off the shoulders. This means that Omega Insurance brokers are the way to go for with ties to numerous leading insurance companies with global acclaim, your safety and security is one step closer to reality than any other.

Look Carbon Triathlon Bike for Sale

Look 496 Carbon Triathlon Bike for sale.

Dura Ace components 10 speed

HED aero Bars

Bontrager Classic Rear Wheel

Bontrager Race Lite Front Wheel

Look Ergo Stem, frozen where it’s at, not advised to try and adjust it, as is. Handlebars can be rotated, but length and height of stem is not adjustable.

Dura Ace 170mm Cranks, 53-39

Frame size 54.5 center to top. Top Tube 54.

Pedals not included


Power Tap G3 Carbon Wheel Set For Sale

My name is Kent McDaniel, I don’t do Tri’s but am married to Maggie Fournier and she suggested to try selling these wheels here locally before trying EBAY.
For sale, 50mm deep ENVE carbon clincher rims laced to a G3 Power Tap 11 speed Shimano hub and a Cyclops front hub.
Wheels are true and are great condition.  I changed to a stages so these are just sitting in the basement.
No Cassette or tires.  The 2032 battery removal tool will be included.  Includes skewers and rim strips.
You don’t need to take it, but if you don’t have a head unit, I have a Joule GPS head unit that has the mounting tab broken so I JB welded it to the mount, so you need a screwdriver to remove the mount and Joule from the bike.

Asking $800

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